Update from your State Democratic Executive Committee members

Now that the first three Democratic Presidential debates are behind us, AADT and TDP will continue to build on our successes for the crucially important 2020 season.  The next quarterly SDEC meeting will be on Saturday, December 7th at Collin College in Plano, and as always, all welcome to attend.

Prior to attending the general plenary session of June 8, 2019, your State Democratic Executive Committee members Emad Salem; Syed Hassan; and Francine Ly, participated in each of their committees.  The following are brief summaries of those committee meetings:

Legislative Affairs Committee

Kirk Wilkison, County Party Services Director, spoke about redistricting hearing being held across the state currently, as well as the hearings being held by the special committee on public safety and mass shootings.  Griggs also spoke about efforts to lobby the Legislature to implement the state Party platform.

Communications/Messaging Committee

Senior Brand Director Brittany Switzer introduced Julien Gomez, the new Content Strategist.  She shared the highly successful TDP media strategy used during the Houston Presidential debate.  She also announced the DNC has finally started describing Texas as the biggest battleground state in the country.  The DNC also confirms that the TDP staff get on cable news more than any other state Democratic Party.  This cycle we have raised nearly $50,000 from digital ads.

Remember the TDP digital and communications resources are available to Party volunteers include:

Communications Links:

Guide to writing op-eds and letters to the editors 

Policy Messaging Memos 

TDP Press Releases 

Digital Links:

Digital Resources

Tweeters and Memers

Blog – Our Movement Monday

Rules Committee

No votes were hold in committee, nor were any by the full body, but a multitude of proposals were considered.  Among them: posting affirmative action levels after district delegate elections; limitations on Presidential campaign delegate list; prohibition of members of nominations running for delegate; private meetings for personnel or disciplinary matters; recreating the Convention Credentials Committee; Democratic National Committee Positions election changes; recognizing transgendered people for gender balance of positions where allowed by law; tweaks to the Senate District Convention Rules and Allowing for online submission of minutes and reports.  I will scan my copy of that document and add to this report.  The Committee also discussed creating an SDEC procedures manual to explain how to perform such tasks as initiating rules changes, for example.  Also, they are discussing creating trainings of state Party rules and procedures to help activists integrate themselves in the Party structure more seamlessly.

Convention Committee

Report by Glen Maxey after reviewing the results of a Convention attendee survey, mentioned that the next facility has three or four places to eat in the building and is on the Riverwalk with plenty of restaurants nearby.  The national delegate ballot will be distributed at the credential sign in table and will have the instructions for how to get to that room to the room your SD will be caucusing in will be printed on the back of the ballot.  Staff is hard at work on contracts for the 2022 Convention and the site selection for the 2024 Convention will be voted on by the SDEC in 2021.

This committee is to engage and help with the San Antonio Welcoming Committee to ensure that the needs of our Texas State Delegations are meet in June of 2020.

The Resolutions Committee

Vickie Vogel, chair, had three memorial resolutions, which were passed.

Nominations Committee

Emad Salem report that this was a busy meeting for this committee.  SD 19 elected Mary Ann Ramos as SDEC Committeewoman. The male labor DNC seat was filled by Leonard Aguilar and Lavaca, Angelina, Haskell, Somervell, Martin, Leon, Presidio, Fayette, Cottle, Dimmitt, Howard, Maverick, Bowie, Freestone, Gray, and Montague counties all have new county chairs.

TDP’s General Session topics

The General Session was called into session at 1:00 PM by Chairman Hinojosa.  Vice Chair Lee Forbes called the role and declared a quorum had been met.  The SDEC unanimously adopted the agenda and the previous meeting’s minutes.  Chairman Hinojosa then allowed several candidates for US Senate or their representatives to speak for a few minutes each.  State Representative Terry Meza (HD 105) spoke on behalf of the Texas House Democratic Caucus. Treasurer Mike Floyd could not make it because he was studying for the LSAT so that report was delivered by someone else.  Chairman Hinojosa delivered the Chairman’s report.  He spoke about Trump’ threat to democracy.  He mentioned that the TDP has raised twice as much money online as any other state Democratic Party and summed up by saying “Let’s not f it up!”

The Anti-Harassment Committee report was delivered by SD 5’s Judy LeUnes.  The Committee was able to make quorum and has made the anti-harassment training for SDEC members available on flash drive for those members in areas without high-speed internet access.

The TDP is issuing a new version of its preferred vendor list.  This has proven a controversial resource.  TDP staff claim that by requiring applicants to reveal the inner workings of their private consulting firms (include their price structure) encourages competition that would benefit Democratic candidates.  Others have noted that some of the people serving on the vetting board in the past were direct competitors of the applicants and would benefit from direct inside knowledge of the applicants’ business strategies.  Many of the most successful Democratic consultants in the state have refused to have anything to do with the preferred vendor list as a result. Data & Analytics Director Lauren Pully noted that the TDP believes we can get 11.5 million votes for Democrats in 2020.  This ambitious effort is underscored by two sobering realities.  2.4 million of those votes will have to come from registered Texas voters who did not vote in November 2018.  Another 2.6 million will have to come from voters who are not currently registered.  We are going to have to register at least one million new voters the cycle and get them to the polls this cycle as well as turn out low propensity Presidential cycle registered voters to win this cycle to win Texas. 200,000 votes in targeted races could flip 18 state House seats.  The TDP has provided district profiles breaking down targets by every county and district to all candidates work together with the Party to hit their targets.  TDP’s efforts in targeted register to vote by mail and other registration efforts have really paid off with proper follow up.  70% of Party registered voters in 2018 actually voted in November.  Those wanting to get active in their neighborhoods now can use the distributed canvass phone banking and door knocking programs available online. Training & Programming Director Philippa Wood announced 4 county chair trainings have occurred.  Four to them dealt with 2020 county Party goals and one was a two-day training seminar on fundraising for rural counties.  The online training platform has new courses, updated existing courses, on is structured on more of a learning path for users.  The Staff the Movement training has already been paying dividends: 50 people recently graduated and at least 90% have already been placed on a campaign.

The Finance Committee report was delivered by SD 23’s Jeff Strater.  The committee reviewed fundraising metrics by category.  It was announced the donations in the $5,000 to $10,000 range so far this cycle has increased 800% over 2017.  Donations over $10,000 are up 300% over the same time period.  The budget review was sobering, though.  We have adopted a $4.5 million budget but are off track on fund raising by about $1.7 million.


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AADT’s membership dues used to pay for refreshments and food provided to caucus attendees at the Texas State Convention.

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As always, it is our honor to represent you.  Again, contact us with any questions or concerns.



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