Update from your State Democratic Executive Committee members

Remember, your AADT representatives sit on the following committees:

Francine Ly - Nominations (Vice-Chair), Convention, Legislative, Rules
Razi Asaduddin - Resolutions (Vice Chair,) Legislative, Messaging
Ashley Cheng - Resolutions (Secretary)

Please reach out if you want more details or have resolutions or rule ideas.

Committee Reports


  • Mary Ho was seated as a non-statutory member representing the Texas Democratic Women. It's great to see more AAPI leaders at a statewide level!  

  • Candace Matthews was seated as a non-statutory member representing the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.


  • Memorials - Jerome Tilghman

  • Texas Coalition of Black Democrats - "commitment to being a big tent party open to and inclusive of all Texans." - Passed

  • There was a resolution urging our congressional representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 2590 "Defending the rights of Palestinian Children" - Did not pass

Action: Have a resolution idea? Please send it over!


  • After two great presentations, the city of El Paso was voted to be the home of the 2024 TX state convention. We are excited to bring the convention to new cities to meet our voters where they are and energize fellow Texans across our great state.


  • Report on how to counter the impacts of SB1 for the upcoming elections. Heavy emphasis on mail-in ballots and reducing the rejection rates via better training and coordination. Let your legislator know how you feel.


  • The 2022 budget was approved with two amendments regarding accessibility and messaging research.

Other Business 

  • DNC - The TDP has 9 members on DNC committees and 4 in executive positions. 

  • Discussions on removing resolutions from the website until they get through a committee. Motion failed. Your representatives felt that access to information should not be limited. 

  • Discussion on the removal of an SDEC member.  After a spirited discussion, the Chairman called for a vote, and it passed.

We want to hear from YOU!

Want to know more about the SDEC? Want to get involved at the state, county, or precinct-level? Just send us a note and we would love to chat.

Have ideas? We can connect you to the right person. 
Want to know if there are other AAPI Democrats near you? We've got you covered.

We need your talents to turn Texas blue together:


  • Event Ideas

  • Voter Registration

  • Graphics/Social Media

  • Language translation for flyers

  • Analytics/Data Science

  • AAPI media outreach

  • Relational Organizing

  • Starting a local AADT Chapter

Keep up the great work!