Update from your State Democratic Executive Committee members

Now that the 2019 March Primary elections for Texas are behind us, AADT and TDP will continue to build on our successes for the crucially important 2020 season.  The next quarterly SDEC meeting will be on Saturday, June 8th at Travis County Community Center at Oak Hill in Austin, and as always, all welcome to attend.

Prior to attending the general plenary session of March 30, 2019, your State Democratic Executive Committee members AJ Durrani; Razi Asaduddin; Emad Salem; Syed Hassan; Francine Ly and Huma Ahmed, participated in each of their committees.  The following are brief summaries of those committee meetings:

Legislative Affairs Committee

TDP Legislative Advocacy Director Birk Wilkison reported on a new Legislative Affairs Center website that will allow activists to follow good and bad legislation and encourage action at https://www.txdemocrats.org/action/txlege-activist/.  Specifically, Birk singled out SB 15, a bad bill which would allow the state to preempt municipalities from making decisions on paid sick leave, health care, etc.  The Committee also heard from TDP Legislative and County Affairs Director Glen Maxey who reported on his work with over 300 election bills, both good and bad.  Glen highlighted one bill which showed rare bipartisanship between Democratic Rep.  Celia Israel of Austin and Republican Sen. Bob Hall of Edgewood who together advanced legislation to help counties replace older electronic voting equipment with new machines that produce verifiable paper trails.  The Committee appointed nine subcommittees based on bill categories to help members push information out for advocacy.

Communications/Messaging Committee

Kolby Duhon chair this committee and heard from newly elected State Representative John Bucy, in whose district we were meeting.  Rep. Bucy spoke about his campaign's positive narrative and how he was able to engage many new voters last fall.  Positive messaging about the Democratic Party is a powerful selling point, especially in suburban areas.  He believes that this technique proved decisive in his race.  He used this same pattern of messaging in previous races for Williamson County Chair.  The Committee also heard a report on the success of TDP's “Fair Shot for All” messaging campaign and revealed the release of a new “Messaging 101” PowerPoint tool to be available soon for trainings statewide.


Remember the TDP digital and communications resources are available to Party volunteers include:

Communications Links:

Guide to writing op-eds and letters to the editors 

Policy Messaging Memos 

TDP Press Releases 

Digital Links:

Digital Resources

Tweeters and Memers

Blog – Our Movement Monday

Rules Committee

  1. The Affirmative Action Committee, appointed by TDP Chair, meet telephonically to work on the Affirmative Action Plan to be made a part of the Delegate Selection Plan.  Affirmative Action Committee, after failing to reach a consensus regarding the Committee’s recommendation on the affirmative action goals, deferred the Affirmative Action goals for the Texas delegation to the Rules Committee.

  2. The Rules Committee was tasked to come up with a recommended method to allocate these 149 slots to the 31 SDs.  How was this accomplished?

Convention Committee

The Chair of the Convention Committee, failed to appear for this Meeting, without advising anyone on the committee, as such the meeting was conducted by Francine Ly with TDP staff reporting that 2022 State Convention has been narrowed to 5 possible locations.  Reluctantly, the Convention Committee received the presentation from vendors provided by TDP and further narrowed the location for the 2022 convention to either Dallas or Houston.  Both cities will make presentations at the next SDEC meeting on June 8th in Austin.


Due to the 2018 Mid-Term elections, the former Chair of this committee did not follow thru with the assignment issued in September of 2018, wherein the committee members were each assigned to identify 5 compliments and 5 challenges (Pros and Cons) experienced at the 2016 and 2018 Texas State Conventions.


Francine Ly, as temporary Chair, extended the assignment as TDP staff was unable to locate the handful of committee members submission of their 5 pros and cons list, between September of 2018 thru this SDEC meeting.  Once again committee members and convention attendees are encouraged to reach out to their caucus members to ensure that everyone’s input/output are realized and received.


TDP staff was made aware that connectivity was of major concern and interest to be resolved for the next Texas State Convention.  We all have unlimited data; however, the problem is that there are no service while inside the building.  Further, TDP staff was asked to provide input on what the role of the Convention Committee and status as to the Chair’s whereabouts.

Nominations Committee

The only business on their agenda was the approval of eleven (11) new County Chairs.

TDP’s General Session topics


TDP Chair Gilberto Hinojosa reported that 70% of the state's population now lives in counties with Democratic majorities on the Commissioners Court.

SD 23 Committeeman Jeff Strater chairs the Finance Committee.  Jeff reported that monthly fundraising is up over $70K/month over the same period in 2017, with sustaining memberships contributing over $60K/month. Current cash on hand was approximately $270K. The SDEC adopted a budget for the 2019-2020 biennium in excess of $20MM, a 33% increase over 2017-2018.

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association

Following the December 2018 meeting with Alice Yi, the President of the Austin Texas Chapter of

APAPA, Francine Ly, joined APAPA and formed the North Texas Chapter of APAPA as Chapter Chair and President, in an effort to increase voter’s turnout in the Asian American communities.



AADT’s membership dues are $20 per member, from State Convention to State Convention, which is a 2-year membership.  AADT Executive Members meets quarterly and are generally held immediately upon the conclusion of the Texas State Democratic Party’s SDEC meetings.  This helps keep close travel, lodging, meals and other out-of-pocket expenses for AADT Executive Members.


AADT’s membership dues used to pay for refreshments and food provided to caucus attendees at the Texas State Convention.


For your convenience, AADT’s membership form is available on this here for downloading, please complete and return with your check to our treasurer at:


Asian American Democrats of Texas (AADT)

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OR if you prefer to pay by credit card via ActBlue at: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aadt_membership#basics


As always, it is our honor to represent you.  Again, contact us with any questions or concerns.



Razi Asaduddin, President – AADT                   

SD Executive Committeeman                               


Cell: (832) 429-7294                         

Francine Ly, Vice President – AADT

SD Executive Committeewoman


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AJ Durrani, DNC Member – AADT


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