Update from your State Democratic Executive Committee members

Now that the 2019 March Primary elections for Texas are behind us, AADT and TDP will continue to build on our successes for the crucially important 2020 season.  The next quarterly SDEC meeting will be on Saturday, October 5th at JW Marriott in Austin, and as always, all welcome to attend.

Prior to attending the general plenary session of June 8, 2019, your State Democratic Executive Committee members, participated in each of their committees.  The following are brief summaries of those committee meetings:

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Committee heard from HD-115 Rep. Julie Johnson for her first session report.  Julie shared her enthusiasm for serving as the SDEC liaison from the Texas House of Representatives and offered her assistance to the committee on setting priorities and communication with other members. She also shared some of her impressions of her first session.

The committee also heard from TDP Legislative Affairs Director Glen Maxey, who reported on his election law efforts. The big victory this session was the defeat of SB 9 - the bill that would have severely suppressed voting, which died in the House.  Also discussed was HB 2640 relating to party affairs with 42 subsections of mostly positive developments, including online filing of candidates with the Texas Secretary of State, posting of all downballot candidates' election night results on the SOS election site and consolidation in one place of all regulations on campaign signage.

Communications/Messaging Committee

Kolby Duhon chair this committee and heard from heard from TDP Senior Brand Director Brittany Switzer and TDP Communications Director Abhi Rahman, who reported on the task force being created to work on getting the word out on the elimination of straight-ticket voting in 2020.  Information was shared that Harris County party officials had been consulted on this challenge, and members asked that input be sought from more stakeholders, including party representatives from across the state, especially county chairs and SDEC members. Following that discussion, SD 21 Committeewoman and Austin Young Democrats President Jen Ramos gave a PowerPoint presentation to the committee on the Texas Young Democrats “Build The Bench” program.  Jen shared that PowerPoint entitled “Messaging 101” with the committee members and we would be happy to send it to you upon request.

Remember the TDP digital and communications resources are available to Party volunteers include:

Communications Links:

Guide to writing op-eds and letters to the editors 

Policy Messaging Memos 

TDP Press Releases 

Digital Links:

Digital Resources

Tweeters and Memers

Blog – Our Movement Monday

Rules Committee

AJ Durrani serves on the Rules Committee.  It is challenging to complete their business in the hour allotted.  The bulk of the meeting centered around a proposal to alter the method by which at-large national delegates are selected by adding a Presidential Preference Delegate Recommendation Committee comprised of one member for each Presidential candidate entitled to one or more national delegates from each Senate District.  These committee members would be elected in our caucus on the same ballot used to elect national delegates. Committee members for each Presidential preference would then meet with the authorized representative of that Presidential candidate. In lieu of each Senate District electing a representative to the Nominations Committee for At-Large National Delegates, the bulk of that committee would be selected by the new committee. The Permanent Convention Chair would continue to appoint three members, including the Chair, and the authorized representatives for each Presidential candidate would serve in an ex officio capacity.

In addition, the Rules Committee voted to reset the ratio of delegates to the State Convention to the pre-2008 standard of one for each 300 votes cast for our gubernatorial nominee in the last general election. Despite raising the ratio, our unprecedented turnout last year would result in SD 16 being entitled to 466 delegates (as opposed to 329 in 2016 and 308 in 2018) and a total convention delegation of 11,667, which is within the capacity of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio and would result in the largest state Democratic convention in U.S. history.

Both recommendations were ratified by the full SDEC.

Convention Committee

The Chair of the Convention Committee, formally resigned and ratified.  Francine Ly, as was appointed Chair.  Kassandra V. Elejarza, was appointed as Vice-Chair.

The main issue is the survey from the 2018 convention participants, which is going on for nearly a year now and still without a definitive response.  Glen Maxey was asked to intervene due to the way the former Chair had left the committee in a status of disarray.  To give him time to catch up, we all agreed to have the discussion via e-mail.

Nominations Committee

The only business on their agenda was the approval of two (2) new County Chairs.

TDP’s General Session topics


The highlight of the General Session were the presentations by VisitDallas and the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, finalists to host the 2022 State Convention.  Houston’s bid was handicapped by the fact that the only dates available coincided with the weekend immediately preceding the Fourth of July on Monday.  That, combined with a higher cost to TDP, resulted in Dallas winning the bid by a greater than 2-1 margin. The convention is scheduled for July 14-16, 2022.

Many of you have probably heard that the third Democratic Presidential debate(s) will be in Houston on Thursday, September 12th and possibly Friday, September 13th. Media partner ABC has not yet selected a venue, so ticket availability is unknown at this time. TDP will be hosting an official watch party close to the venue and it is anticipated that candidates may attend afterward. We will forward additional information when we have it.

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association

APAPA is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization, focused on increasing and empowering the Asian Communities through education, leadership and active participation in civic and public affairs, at local, state, and national levels.

The North Texas Chapter of APAPA, is currently under review, pending approval by APAPA HQ.  Preliminary Board Member of APAPA-NTC are Francine Ly, Chair and President, Thompson Du – Vice President, Tanner Do – Secretary, Sinman Pak – Treasurer.  Grant writing team:  Rachel Lee, Richael Gautam, Alicia Chang.  Internship Organizer – Tanner Do and Interns trainer – Nancy Tien.


AADT’s membership dues are $20 per member, from State Convention to State Convention, which is a 2-year membership.  AADT Executive Members meets quarterly and are generally held immediately upon the conclusion of the Texas State Democratic Party’s SDEC meetings.  This helps keep close travel, lodging, meals and other out-of-pocket expenses for AADT Executive Members.

AADT’s membership dues used to pay for refreshments and food provided to caucus attendees at the Texas State Convention.

For your convenience, AADT’s membership form is available on this here for downloading, please complete and return with your check to our treasurer at:

Asian American Democrats of Texas (AADT)

Attn: Nabila Mansoor, Treasurer

7719 Ehrhardt Lane

Sugar Land, TX 77479

OR if you prefer to pay by credit card via ActBlue at: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/aadt_membership#basics


As always, it is our honor to represent you.  Again, contact us with any questions or concerns.



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