Our Purpose & Belief


Every Texan has inalienable rights:

  • to vote;

  • to fair and open participation and representation in the democratic process;

  • to health care; and

  • to privacy.

In freedom:

  • from government interference in our private lives and personal decisions;

  • from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or any other improper grounds;

  • to exercise civil and human rights; and

  • of religion and individual conscience.


In responsibility:

  • that religion and individual conscience can never serve to excuse hatred and discrimination;

  • that people are responsible for their actions;

  • that we, who have benefited so greatly from our state and country, have a responsibility to support and give back to all our communities and public institutions; and

  • that corporations are not people and should not be used to shield individuals from the responsibilities of their actions.


In equal rights:

  • guaranteed in Section 3 of the Texas Bill of Rights;

  • equality under the law guaranteed in Section 3a of the Texas Bill of Rights; and

  • that no state may deny any person equal protection of the laws or due process under the law as guaranteed in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


In equal opportunity:

  • to receive a quality public education, from childhood through college;

  • to find a good job with dignity;

  • to buy or rent a good home in a safe community;

  • to breathe clean air and drink clean water; and

  • to have our voices heard and not be drowned out by the power of unlimited money to influence or buy elections and legislation.

A growing economy should benefit all Texans in a manner:

  • that the people who work in a business are as important as those who invest in it;

  • that every worker should be paid a living wage of at least $15-an-hour;

  • that good business offers a fair deal for customers;

  • that regulation of unfair practices and rates is necessary;

  • that the burden of taxes should be fairly distributed;

  • that government  policy  should  not  favor  corporations  that  seek  offshore  tax  shelters, exploit workers, or pollute our environment; and all people, including those with disabilities.


That our lives, homes, communities and country are made secure:

  • by appropriately staffed, trained and equipped military, law enforcement and emergency services;

  • by retirement and pension security;

  • by responsible gun ownership;

  • by encouraging job security where it is possible and providing appropriate assistance and re- training when it is not;

  • by the preservation of our precious natural resources and quality of life;

  • by ensuring that families have easy access to good food with clear understanding of the food quality and source, so they may make informed decisions on their family’s health and well-being;

  • by a compassionate policy that offers a safety net for those most vulnerable and in need; and

  • by family values that are promoted through policies that value all our families.


In America:

  • made stronger by the men and women who put their lives on the line when it is necessary to engage our military to secure our nation; and

  • made more secure by competent diplomatic leadership that uses the moral, ethical, and economic assets of a powerful, free nation to avoid unnecessary military conflict.


In Texas:

  • made stronger by the individual strengths of our diverse population;

  • blessed with opportunities provided by agriculture, “old” and “new” energy sources, renowned medical and research institutions and high tech industries;

  • and we believe in the need for an honest, ethical state government that serves the public interest, not the special financial interests of those who “pay to play."